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Take Advantage of the Box Office Studios Creative Suite

Box Office Studios

Take Advantage of Box Office Studios Creative Suite

6th June 2019

At Box Office Studios, we have built a state of the art audio studio that offers some of the most exciting deals on recording time and the lending of creative direction to our clients.

We are thrilled to announce to the general public that our audio studio is open for business. Fitted with the most advanced of sound hardware, the studio offers every kind of audio service available, from song recordings, to live to record, even film audio.

Daniel John Tukura who is popularly known as Tee Jay Dan, CEO and Co-founder at Box Office Studio says, “We have a strong passion for sound in general, be it in music, film or podcast. We want to provide the best audio services possible for people to achieve their goals.”

The company is currently running a promo on their social media accounts where people can send in live recordings of their work so they can qualify for free sessions. The studios’ rates are quite affordable, and the services promise to be top notch.

“Our studio will continue to evolve so that we can provide world-class audio services.”

Box Office Studios is a content generation and multimedia company that generates creative content for companies and individuals who want to communicate their beliefs and values. At Box Office Studios, we believe creative media is the best representation you can ever get.


Please download the Box Office Studios audio rate card


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