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Dancing Mask; The ANA Story


Project Title: DANCING MASK; The ANA Story
Genre: Documentary
Client: Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA)
Directed by: Tee Jay Dan
Executive Producer: Denja Abdullahi

DANCING MASK; The ANA Story is an important film because it archives over 35years of history and literary activities of the biggest writers body in Africa. The Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) has contributed to the intellectual and political growth of Nigeria since 1981 when it was founded by the late novelist Professor Chinua Achebe with support from Wole Soyinka and other first generation of Nigerian writers like Mabel Segun. Tee Jay Dan travelled across the country interviewing the first generation Nigerian writers to learn how the association fought military oppressors during the military rule.

This is an important film.

In this documentary, director Tee Jay Dan interviews both old and young writers including first-generation writers like Professor Kole Omotoso and Su’eddie Agema Vershima. The film highlights the significance of ANA and the association’s contribution to the development of literature and democracy in Nigeria.

Box Office Studios Ltd was contracted by ANA to produce the documentary with financial support from Pan African Writers Association (PAWA). ANA is the biggest writers body in Africa.

Watch DANCING MASK: The ANA Story below:

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